OLIVER HILDEBRANDT: Makeup & Hair Artist

If you ask any celebrities in German showbusiness about makeup & hair artist Oliver Hildebrandt, it soon becomes clear that he is one of the most popular and talented makeup artists in Germany. As the actor and director Katharina Thalbach puts it, “He has a keen eye for winning looks.” Nina Mako, a dance soloist at Berlin’s Friedrichstadtpalast, finds that Oliver’s makeup motivates her to even better performances. And the actor Christoph Marti appreciates his efficiency, dedication and vision.

One thing is certain: Oliver was Germany’s youngest makeup artist to ever receive his qualification at the time, and throughout his more than fifteen years of professional experience he has never stopped honing his craft. Specialized in theatrical and show makeup, today he works on international live productions, photo shoots and film sets and can easily adapt to a variety of working situations. One of his strongpoints is in designing makeup, hair styles and wigs, while his expertise covers a number of differing styles and eras. He knows how to transform historic epochs and current trends into breathtaking looks, always with an eye for detail but also for alterations – and is also familiar with what is needed to create the perfect looks for stage lighting and UHD recordings as just two examples.

His exceptional aesthetic, his sense for trends and his critical eye give his work an innovative and clear signature. He is constantly creating new looks and his elegant and formidable makeup and hair styles are delightful. When working with artists and models, it’s important for him to highlight and refine their own personal character. He sets bold accents, but always makes sure that the person he is styling like the look and feel comfortable with it.

The human component is just as important as the artistic when Oliver is collaborating with others. In a team, he takes care to ensure there is a respectful yet relaxed atmosphere. He’s an asset for artists and colleagues, whether backstage or on a film set. “My mission is to support people in delivering their best performance,” he explains. “I’m here with open arms to support them so that they don’t have to spend any time worrying about how they look and can fully focus on their job.” He brings quality onto the world’s stages and in front of cameras with creative and artistic ideas. Oliver is currently shuttling between Berlin and Las Vegas.

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